No. 1 Cromer was a full turn key operation, meaning we designed, manufactured and installed nearly everything in the shop.  Working closely with the famous TV chef Gaulton Blackiston and his team to create a whole new feel to a fish and chip restaurant.

Walls were taken out and made good to create a big open space. No. 1 Cromer had a whole new kitchen was installed with all the latest up to date equipment,.

New toilet areas were created in No. 1 Cromer using partitioning and all now toilets, wash basins etc.

We used a new product on the market called Karndeen Loose lay for the flooring in No. 1 Cromer, it is a vinyl planking but no glues are used, they literally just slot into place and this looked great!

All new furniture was made and installed to match the sea side theme No.1 Cromer wanted, so these were a lovely bright blue along with all the wall decor.

The bar in No. 1 Cromer was made from a material called Sealwise, its very similar to Trespa but a lot lighter, making it easier to work with but with all the same values. No. 1 Cromer bar was then laminated in sections in a complementary colour to the floor to make it look like the groins in the sea it then had a semi-translucent perspex between then with a grass insert making it look like the seaweed, we installed lights to go in the back of the perspex so it glowed giving the allusion of looking into water.

The top was made using solid surface in a colour called Rattan, it has a fleck in it that looks like small stones/ shells and smaller specks that look like grains of sand, making this perfect for No. 1 Cromer to have in their sea side theme.

The Bar at No. 1 Cromer was made to still hold all the equipment needed and products.

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