Mr D’s Diner is located on the A11 near Thetford. they wanted a retro diner and I think we pulled that off!

Mr D’s Diner bar was made from trespa which is a hard wearing , water proof material. The carcass of the bar was made to accommodate all equipment and a preperation top for the staff. The top of the bar at Mr D’s Diner was a laminated finish in cream with curves both ends and then a stainless steel plinth at the base of the bar to finish off the look.  Mr D’s Logo was then put on the front of the bar along with the high seating around it. The back bar was made to match and accommodate all produce and equipment.

At Mr D’s Diner we also made a ‘Meet and Greet’ unit to match the style of the bar so that staff can meet and greet the customers for tables etc as they come in.

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