Materials we use:

Sealwise which is perfect for any type of unit being used near or around water such as bars, schools in the kitchens or food prep rooms, toilets. In dental surgeries in the decontamination rooms or high tempo rooms. In veterinary clinics in the wash rooms, surgery etc. In hospitals, bedside cabinets, screen or room dividers, wall cladding and ward kitchens because of all the reasons below:

Clean non-porous, 100% waterproof, anti-bacterial >97% effective against MRSA and Ecoli, tough, wipe clean, resistant to chemicals, steam clean, sealed joints so bacteria or germs cannot attach themselves, long lasting with a 15 year service life.

Another material we use is Trespa which has all the same properties as Sealwise but it is alot heavier so is not as versatile as Sealwise.

All the above materials we use are mainly for the carcass  (the guts) of a modular units we manufacture but we do also use a range of laminates to give the carcasses colour and style. MFC and MDF are also materials we use depending on what the project is and what substance will come into contact with the units.

There are many other materials we use depending on the job, the above are the main ones that we use on a day to day basis.